Wheat Whole Bakers (Spitfire)

Salisbury Mill

This flour is high in protein (roughly 12%) making it perfect for bread baking, pasta, pizza and crackers. Spitfire is quite thirsty so be sure to increase your dough hydration by at least 10%.

Our flour is best used fresh and has a six week shelf life, particularly over summer. Pop it in the fridge for up to three months if you don't think you'll use it within 6 weeks. 

Spitfire is your typical bread wheat with great extensibility and oven spring. Spitfire is perfect for bread, pasta and pizza. It’s high in protein and savoury in flavour. It mills into a fine golden flour with an almost indistinguishable bran flake. 


Collections: Flour, New Arrivals, Pantry

Type: Pantry

Vendor: Salisbury Mill

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