Tuna in Olive Oil - 290g

Little Tuna

Made from 100% Australian Ingredients, Little Tuna’s Australian Tuna Steak in Olive Oil is the newest flavour to the Little Tuna family and the most popular.

Little Tuna’s products are made from all fresh ingredients with the star being a chunky steak of high quality Australian tuna caught off the coast of Queensland Australia using sustainable long line fishing methods.

Ingredients have been carefully chosen to include quality Australia products and added health benefits. It’s so delicious it can be consumed on its own straight out the jar.

Key facts list

Each jar packed with high quality chunky tuna steak.
Great to add to salads, sandwiches, wraps, pasta dishes or just enjoy straight from the jar.
Little Tuna is proud to supply customers with sustainably caught Australian albacore tuna. Supplied from our family business.

Replaceable lid to keep the flavour fresh.

Large 290g NET jar (4 servings).


The tuna is tasty on it's own but why not add to a pasta dish, like we've done in this recipe?

Collections: Fish

Type: Pantry

Vendor: Little Tuna

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