Sweet Paprika Powder 60g

Pure Food Essentials

Certified Organic Sweet Paprika grown in the Kashmir district of India.

If you like a bit of spicy seasoning, not too hot, but with a bit of pep, then you’ll love this ‘sweet’ paprika powder. With three vague types of paprika: sweet, smoked and hot, there really are no two paprika powders the same; you just need to find one you like. This Kashmiri chilli powder falls somewhere between the ‘sweet’ and ‘hot’ types, sweet being the first flavour detected, with a little heat sneaking in. If you’re cooking a dish that calls for chilli powder or cayenne pepper and you want a milder dish, then this paprika powder will be a good substitute.

Paprika is a great condiment to use in a shaker like you would pepper. Try Sweet Potato Paprika Chips with a beer on a lazy Sunday, or baste a chicken with paprika, salt and pepper before baking for a delicious, red, spiced crust. Our Kashmiri Sweet Paprika adds a red tinge and a bit of pep to your cooking.

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Type: Pantry

Vendor: Pure Food Essentials

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