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Shrub, Rosemary Lemonade - 200mL

Genna Pyewacket

Rosemary Lemon Shrub.Shrub is the traditional name for a fermented fruit and herb vinegar used as a base in sodas, cocktails, dressings and sauces.Botanical sodas are an excellent source of vitamins, probiotics and support digestion. They are alcohol free.Ingredients:Cold pressed lemon, Raw organic apple cider vinegar, Raw sugar, Fresh rosemary.Sugar is used in the fermentation process to feed the mother culture. No extra sugar is added.To use:For Sodas: Add 35mL shrub to 250mL soda water, serve over ice.For Cocktails: Shrubs are versatile in cocktail mixing, however a simple 1:1 shrub to spirit with soda over ice is delicious.

Collections: Cordial, Fridge

Type: Fridge

Vendor: Genna Pyewacket

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