Flour, Rye Light Sift Organic - 1kg

Wholegrain Milling

Certified Organic Rye Flour, sifted to give lightness. Wholegrain Milling process Australian Organic Rye grain using roller milling methods to retain maximum nutrition.Rye Flour has a wonderful earthy flavour and is low in gluten. Using it in baking gives a dark colour and richness to loaves but because of the low gluten content you will need to use a large proportion of other flours for rising.No additives or stabilizers, so please store in the fridge or freezer and use as fresh as possible to prevent weavils and for maximum nutrition.

Packed by Sovereign Foods using equipment shared with other nutsgluten and soy.

Collections: Flour, Pantry

Type: Pantry

Vendor: Wholegrain Milling

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