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Pineapple - Medium

Ray and Merilyn Clark

So juicy and sweet and full of sunshine the pineapple has become the quintessential Queensland fruit. Depending on the season and the farmer, you could receive: a rough or smooth leafed pineapple. Depending on the time of season, pineapples can come from the first fruit from each plant, or from the "returns", the second pineapple from the plant. The returns are often smaller so we will adjust price to match.  Each pineapple is actually a collection of flowers gathered around the fruity core. They are very sensitive to conditions when first forming, so often organic pineapples can have one "eye" or flower that is slightly soft and can be very hard to spot by the grower, or during packing. When you think that each pineapple takes two years to grow from the initial planting till picking fruit, we can consider ourselves lucky to be enjoying these amazing fruit!

Collections: Fruit, Pineapple

Type: Fruit

Vendor: Ray and Merilyn Clark