Pecans, Shelled - 300g

Sovereign Foods

These delicious pecans are produced by the Huston Family at Las Piedras Farm (ACO 11280) in Junction View, which is located in the Lockyer Valley QLD. Las Piedras farm boasts over 2200 Certified Organic established pecan trees, each over 15m in height. The trees on this farm have been producing pecans for 50 years. The pecans are also processed on Las Piedras, where they are dried, cracked, shelled and packed, ensuring freshness without any signs of rancidity.

 Pecan trees produce one crop each year. The nuts start to form in early summer, and by the end of Autumn, they are fully grown and ready to harvest. The harvest season usually takes around two months finishing by mid-winter.

Packed by Sovereign Foods using equipment shared with other nutsgluten and soy.

Collections: Nuts, Pantry

Type: Pantry

Vendor: Sovereign Foods

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