Olive Oil, Macintyre Brook Grove

Macintyre Brook Olive Grove

Cold Pressed Extra Virgin olive oil from the farm of Macintyre Book Grove.    Four main varieties are grown from which Boaz's secret blend is made for your enjoyment. 

Boaz lets you know below how his team run the farm holistically with the aid of cattle:

"Macintyre Brook Grove grows, harvests and produces olive oil all on farm in a holistic
management approach.  Our Grove is run using an organic approach, with our cattle herd performing as our primary source of fertilizers (manure), weed control through grazing and a degree of pruning of the trees, an added benefit we found is the cattle health and performance from foraging in the Olive trees adding the shoots to their diet.  We find this green step back approach to managing the Grove has proven many benefits to its biodiversity, the increase in our good bugs and insect numbers due to less conventional methods of farming, we see reduced spread of disease and pests throughout the Grove.  These methods we have adopted have shown great improvements in the Olive trees, the Grove and it’s soil health.
A more natural grown Olive Tree produces a healthier, tastier Olive Oil.
We do hope you enjoy our product.

1L and 4L are supplied in a tin with a ring pull spout with a cap.

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