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Oats, Quick, Unstabilised (Creamy) - 800g

Food Connect

These Quick Organic Oats are grown in Australia by Burrum Biodynamics and milled by Blue Lake Milling. These are the best Organic oats going around, making really creamy porridge.  Unlike most rolled oats, Unstabilized Oats are not steamed before packing, so you can be sure they have the maximum nutrition.  The Quick Oats are cut into smaller pieces so they are super quick to cook when you are in a rush.  Their shelf life is still pretty good, but store them in the fridge if you are not likely to use them within a few weeks.

Packed by Sovereign Foods using equipment shared with other nutsgluten and soy.

Collections: Grains & Pulses, Pantry

Type: Pantry

Vendor: Food Connect

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