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Microgreens - Immunity Boost Mix 100g

Happy Place Microgreens

Norm of Happy Place Microgreens grows these microgreens on is farm in Logan and processes them in the Food Connect kitchen each week.    Rather than leave them in soil, Norm trims them all so you can eat everything in the punnet.   He also produces Microgreen drinks using the same shoots.

Contents 100g of Immunity Boost Microgreens - one third each of Daikon Radish, Black Oil Sunflower and Pea Shoot Microgreens.

This wonderful and great tasting mix of four types of Microgreens has been specially selected to supercharge your immune system. Delivered fresh as a raw microgreen for you to blend. Makes 2x 250ml drinks after blending with your choice of mixer liquid - we recommend pineapple juice.

Microgreens are a proven superfood. Great for helping improve many different health conditions.  Diabetes, Cholesterol, High Blood Pressure just to mention a few. Helps restore your acids levels in the body to help control Acidosis. Is great for all your internal organs such as the liver and at the same time supercharging your immune system.

Easily blended with a standard blender, simply place all the Microgreens into a blender, add 400ml of your favourite juice such as Pineapple, Apple Juice or Coconut Water for a sweet tasting drink without any lumps, for the truly dedicated you can of course use pure water.  Microgreens blend so well that you do not need to strain it which means you get the entire vegetable group into your body.

The punnets are made from recycled plastic and have a tamper proof tab.   Please pop them into your recycling bin or reuse in the kitchen.

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