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Microgreens - High Protein Mix 100g

Thrive Microgreens

Amy and the crew at THRIVE Microgreens are determined to produce the freshest
tastiest microgreen ever using organic soil and a good deal of love.  

Their micros travel very few kilometres from harvest to plate. We harvest one day
and deliver same day or the next. Our produce is super fresh. We grow indoors,
using quality seed (non GMO, organic when we can), soil and water out of the tap.
We don't use sprays, or fertilisers, our containers are recyclable.

The High Protein Mix of microgreens contain a mix of greens like Sunflower Shoots,
Pea Shoots, Snow Pea Shoots, Broccoli and Red Cabbage. All of these greens are
high in plant protein. Broccoli being the most nutritious of all, up to 40 times higher
as a microgreen than its fully grown self.

Contents 100g of Microgreens.

The punnets can be readily recycled - please pop them into your recycling bin or
reuse in the kitchen.

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