Lamb Rack, small - 500g

Piggy in the Middle - Mayne Family

Piggy in the Middle is a partnership between cousins and sixth generation farmers Dean and Mason Mayne, our wives Kate and Krystal, and our young families.

They are passionate about their land and their livestock. Therefore, they utilise regenerative farming practices to produce great tasting, chemical free, pork, lamb, chicken and eggs.

They breed Dorper sheep which are pasture raised, free range and 100% grass fed. This breed produces a mild, sweet flavoured lamb that makes for great eating.

Dorper sheep are naturally self-shedding. They birth once a year and commonly produce twins with no need for birthing assistance.

Living in a low stress environment, the sheep follow the cattle through the pasture, eating down the grass ahead of the chickens.  Like all of the livestock, the sheep help manage the native and seasonal grasses, fertilising and ensuring stronger, more abundant regrowth.

Jack, another of the trusty Maremmas, is the friend and guardian of the paddock raised sheep.

*all meat products come frozen from the farm

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