Kefir, MYMY DIY Ready2Brew Pouch


MYMY's finely fermented fruit Kefir is a plant-based LIVE probiotic drink that is fermented with whole cut fruit. 

The DIY pouch gives you a chance to brew your own flavours and offers great value.    Just add your own flavours and let it brew to perfection - each pouch produces 1.5L

MYMY's kefir probiotic drinks have been specially created to satisfy the fussiest of little palates as well as having a fraction of the sugar of soft drinks, fruit juices (cold pressed or otherwise) and iced tea drinks.  It will help you love your guts!

The Kefir is sweetest when it is first made, and will continue to ferment  even whilst refrigerated. The longer time it has spends in the pouch, the more probiotic (and less sweet) it will become. 

Collections: Fridge, Health Drink/Beverages

Type: Fridge

Vendor: MYMY

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