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Jam, Spiced Plum - 270ml

Michelle - Ugly Duck Preserves

We have sourced Australian grown plums with lumps, bumps and scratches to hand craft this spread for you. Not too sweet, with warming notes of cinnamon our Spiced Plum spread is delicious on scones, stirred into porridge or in a rich red wine sauce.

Super ripe, juicy plums get cooked up before their shelf life expires.
Surplus or hail damaged plums from Australia’s top stone fruit growing regions mingle with warming spices such as cinnamon to create this not-too-sweet spread. Frequent customers of this flavour will discover slight colour and flavour changes between batches. This is due to the changing plum varieties that we rescue.

Ingredients: Plum (57%), Sugar, Vinegar, Pectin, Cinnamon, Citric Acid, Spices

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