Jam, Pineapple - 275g

Lin - Jammed with Love

Lin's Pineapple Jam brings all those amazing Pineapple flavours to fore.  Lin has to treat the fruit very carefully to make sure they don't burn, but leaves them just enough to develop velvety caramel flavours.

Ingredients: Pineapples, Sugar, Pectin, Butter.

275g net.

Jammed with Love is the dream of Lin, a talented soul whose passion is turning all things fruit into delicious food.   Located just around the corner in Salisbury, Lin uses all local fruit, organic where possible, and is always keen to rescue fruit that otherwise falls by the wayside.   If you have an overload on your backyard fruit tree, give her a call.

If you're feeling like some sweets, have a look at this Pineapple Jam Drops recipe!

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