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Health Salad Mix - 100g

Josh and Jamie Bennet-Jones

An delicious mix of salad greens and herbs, topped off with edible flowers. Grown by Josh, Jamie and co at their small Karalee farm, it's bursting with vitality that will leave your tummy feeling invigorated.

Each week the mix can change a little with a selection from the following ingredients:

-Lettuce (Buttercrunch, Salad Bowl Green, Salad Bowl Red, Grand Rapids, Black Seeded Simpson, Paris Island Cos, Marvel of Four Seasons, Australian Yellow Leaf)
-Rainbow Chard
-Mustard (Lime Streaks, Ruby Streaks, Red)
-Mizuna (Green, Red, Ruby Stem)
-Sorrel (Red Vein, French)
-Basil (Lemon, Sacred, Greek, Thai)
-Garlic Chives
-Mexican Tarragon
-Mexican Sage

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