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Golden Milk, Lucy Locket's - 200g

Lucy Locket's

Lucy Locket’s golden milk concentrate is lovingly handmade in a green corner of beautiful South East Queensland with locally sourced organic ingredients.   Each of the ingredients in Locket’s golden milk concentrate has been carefully selected for their unique super food qualities, and their synergy with the primary ingredient, which is of course fresh organic turmeric root. 

Special care has been taken to source ethical and sustainable ingredients to formulate a recipe that not only optimises bioavailability for maximum health benefits, but tastes great too.

Ingredients: fresh organic turmeric root, fresh organic ginger root, natural organic vanilla bean, hand milled organic black pepper, raw local honey, virgin organic coconut oil.

Collections: Fridge, Health Drink/Beverages

Type: Fridge

Vendor: Lucy Locket's

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