Raw Treats, Gianduja (Choc Hazelnut Spread) - 200g

Kim - Hello Sweetness

From the kitchen of Hello Sweetness comes a new deliciousness, in a jar. 

Spread it, spoon it, drizzle it. 

HS gianduja is a silky, elegant and luscious spread, stone ground slowly in small batches. Inspired by the original hazelnut & chocolate recipes of Turin chocolate masters, it is totally plant-based, as theirs were.

We are as passionate about ingredients provenance as we are about our slow-food process … taste Australian roasted hazelnuts from the latest harvest, and the smoothness of our single origin Criollo cacao. The only rush is how quickly your jar will go - spread on bread and croissants, drizzled on ice cream and fruit, paired with cheese and wine. And that’s only the beginning …

Ingredients: roasted hazelnuts (70%)*, coconut sugar**, ‘Criollo’ cacao butter (8%)**, ‘Criollo’ cacao powder (7%)**, ground vanilla*

*organic methods, small-scale Australian grown

** Fair supply chain, organically certified

Contains tree nuts. 

Storage: Keep in a cool place, out of direct sunlight. As this is a natural product, settling may occur. Stir gently to restore even texture if required. Enjoy. 


Made in Australia with at least 70% Australian ingredients. Dairy-free. Gluten-free. Refined sugar free.

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