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Free Range Ham Leg - approx 7kg

Mayne Family - Piggy in the Middle

Preorder your Hams now and get the delivery just in time for Christmas in second week of December.

"Piggy in the Middle Christmas Hams  are brined then cured for 7-10 days and then slow wood smoked (elder wood) for 18 hours, all in our on farm butcher house.   Finally they are Cryovacced so they will stay fresh until your Christmas Lunch.

This product is a full leg of ham on the bone.   We will aim to get as close to 7kg as possible.

Our free ranging pigs are a mixture of heritage breeds selected specifically for their individual characteristics – not the number of piglets they produce. This includes Berkshire, Duroc, Landrace and Saddle Back.

We have found that cross breeding the heritage breeds, we have a ‘super’ pig. This has given us great marbling with the right amount of fat coverage.

Moving our pigs regularly has a significant impact on the health of both the pigs themselves, and our soils also. Regular rotation ensures they have access to the minerals and nutrients available from fresh pasture, as well as keeping them away from their manure.

Importantly, providing them with fresh water and muddy wallows to exercise in every day, allows them to express their “pigginess”. And this in turn, makes a huge difference in the flavour and nutrition of their meat. Producing a well marbled, natural flavoured, juicy, bold and hearty meat. You really can taste the difference."

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