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Eggs, Piggy in the middle - 700g

Mayne Family - Piggy in the Middle

Our pasture raised eggs are produced by 800 hens who live in mobile homes, which are rotated across the farm every couple of days. This is equivalent to approximately 30 hens per acre – as opposed to commercial free range where they run approx. 4,000 hens per acre.

Our hens lay into roll away nest boxes to ensure clean eggs. The eggs are collected twice daily, sorted, candled and packed here on the farm.

We provide lots of fresh watering points and feed bins to supplement the grasses and bugs our hens feast upon. When collecting the eggs, we always throw around some grain to encourage natural feeding and foraging behaviours.

We never cease to be amazed by the rich thick regrowth achieved by our pasture raised chickens as they are moved around the farm. The space available to our hens, ability to behave instinctively and the variation in diet definitely provides for happy, healthy chickens and great tasting eggs.

Oddy, the most affectionate of our Maremma’s, watches over his hens studiously. Guarding against predators like hawks and eagles, foxes and wild dogs.

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