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Dates, Australian, Medjools - 250g

Desert Fruit Company

Most Australian date lovers are familiar with this large, fleshy, juicy date. Originating from Morocco, but grown near Alice Springs for us, the flavour is sweet, mildly rich and smooth and the fruit is deep brown, moderately wrinkled and translucent. Medjool dates are a fantastic eating date and also great in smoothies or cooking as they are easy to pit and puree.These are hand picked one at a time by the team at Desert Fruit Company, then solar dried and graded to produce the perfect snack.

The DFC is owned by a co-op of seven souls who are committed to growing dates and other suitable dryland fruits using organic methods.  They hope to go Certified Organic in the near future.  More information about their growing methods can be found here.  They grow 15 varieties of Dates including the Medjools and Barhee that we are stocking. Each variety is lovingly tended by hand to produce high quality fruit that is even exported to the Middle East.   

Collections: Dried Fruit, Pantry

Type: Pantry

Vendor: Desert Fruit Company

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