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Cardamom Pods 40g

Pure Food Essentials

Organic Cardamom pods produced in India.

Green cardamom pods are one of the healthiest and most beautifully aromatic spices.

It’s an underused spice in Australia, one that can be used in desserts and drinks and savoury dishes. And, it’s from the same family of plants as ginger and turmeric so has some surprising health benefits. Known in India as the ‘Queen of spices’, elaichi (hindi) or true cardamom has a sweet, eucalyptus aroma and a strong, dare I say it, camphor-like taste. But don’t let that put you off, because it’s a flavour that can change a dish from ordinary to exotic! When the full flavour of cardamom infuses into food and drinks, it’s heavenly! Look for the greenest whole cardamom pods because they are the most prized.

The whole pods can be tossed into savoury dishes and removed before eating, or the whole pod can be ground to a powder to release more flavour before using. In the Middle East, ‘gahwa’ is served as unique, cardamom-based coffee, and in India it’s added to tea and chai blends. For a modern take on a traditional spice, add a couple of whole pods to your stewed fruits and top it with Cardamom-laced cream. It’s heavenly, and it’s on our Recipes page.

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Type: Pantry

Vendor: Pure Food Essentials

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