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BREAD: Golden Loaf

Indie Bakehouse

Indie Bakehouse is a purveyor of slow-fermented artisan Sourdoughs, as well as rich wholesome cakes, cookies and all good things baked! Situated in Woolloongabba, we bake fresh bread in the early hours of the morning after a 3 day long, slow ferment using only wild yeast and our sourdough starter. We use certified sustainable wheat to help reverse climate change. Our loaves can be sliced & frozen with a lower GI due to the long ferment.

Golden bread is based on the wonderful Ayurvedic golden milk recipe- great for inflammation, curing bored palates and perfect for those in need of deliciousness.

Ingredients: Certified sustainable bakers flour, certified sustainable Heritage Foster whole wheat, turmeric, flax, black pepper, wild fermented yeasts, Olssons salt, love and attention.

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Type: Bakery

Vendor: Indie Bakehouse

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