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Black Sapote

Cedric Taylor

Black Sapote, also known as Chocolate Pudding Fruit. Underneath the skin is a lushly dark flesh that can be scooped out and eaten fresh, or blended into smoothies or used in cooking.   Here are some ripening tips from our farmer:

Unripe: A green hard fruit. 

Semi-ripe: Green-grey, becoming soft.The fruit becomes soft as an over-ripe peach. It will get a flat bottom from its own weight sitting on the bench. The skin may begin to wrinkle slightly. Break it open and it will be a tan or light brown colour as in the second photo. If tasted it maybe unpleasant and leave a caustic taste in the mouth and throat. It is not ready to eat and best be put in the refrigerator for a day or two until the flesh changes to a dark brown to black colour.

Fully Ripe: A fully ripe fruit as in the last photo will be the colour of dark chocolate and have a soft smooth consistency; a neutral or faintly sweet smell and most people will want more even if they have never tried it before. The flesh will be soft but in no way watery.

Over-ripe: When broken open there will be an unpleasant acrid smell when smelt up close. A black watery fluid may also be present.)

Collections: Exotic Fruits, Fruit

Type: Fruit

Vendor: Cedric Taylor

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