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Beeswax Wraps, Medium 1 pack

Mariel Rye

Be free of plastic wrap forever!  These wraps are made in Brisbane from local wax.  Artist Series #1 by Moonshine Madness.

1 x 30cm x 30cm Wrap 

Each wrap has been printed with superb artwork in Sydney using chemical-free inks on ethically woven linen. It’s then lovingly hand made using beeswax sourced from sustainable hives and happy bees thanks to BEE ONE THIRD. Also contains jojoba oil and tree resin


LOVE + CARE SUGGESTIONS When you’re ready to use: Hold tight and allow them to warm slightly. Place them over your desired bowl/cup/plate/container or food item! Give them a little hand hug and it will seal nicely Rinse with a little cold water and soft detergent after use. They’re not a huge fan of hot water, harsh chemicals or direct sunlight. If you treat them kind they will serve you well for up to a year! • They prefer to hang around/on fruit, veggies and bread! Wouldn’t recommend pairing with raw meat products, they’re not mates and it will be a bad time for everyone. • Parents of small people (or anyone who loves a packed lunch): The smaller sizes make an excellent addition to any lunchbox and can help to keep everything separate, avoiding lunchtime gross-ness • When they start to look a little tired we can talk about re-waxing your favourite wraps. This saves waste and means you can keep your limited edition prints longer!

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