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Body Cream

Glenn Bunter and Therese Cawter

Unpasteurised cream from Eden Hope Dairy the home to the happy herd of 60 Biodynamically reared jersey cows.  Heavenly Bath Milk products are unpasteurised and not for human consumption.

NB : Please order the 2L cream by the Thursday before delivery to ensure we can order it in specifically for you.

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October 2019, there has been a small increase by the Bunters in the price of their dairy products.   On top of tough weather conditions, many input costs have gone up over the past 12 months.   In their words:

"We have resisted raising our prices for 9 years., however, we can no longer absorb the increasing costs of farming. 
One example of the costs we have absorbed (aside from electricity) is cow feed grain. The prices we paid in previous years was an average of $440 per tonne, plus freight. Last month we paid $1357.40 per tonne, plus freight."

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