Labna, Fennel & Salt - 200g

Ian Campbell (Barambah Organics)

Barambah Organics Labna is yoghurt cheese and it is delicious in tossed salads or on any cheese platter. The fennel enhances the flavour of this cheese and the oils are a mix of olive and sunflower. This cheese won a GOLD medal at the 2015 Australian Grand Dairy Awards. Barambah Organics is Queensland's largest organic milk and cheese company. Barambah's dairy farms are run by Ian Campbell, and many of its cheeses, yoghurts and creams are produced in a factory only 10 km from Food Connect's Homestead. To learn more about Barambah Organics, check out their website.

Ingredients- Organic Unhomogenised Pasteurised Milk,Cultures, Non-Animal Rennet, Olive Oil,Sunflower Oil, Fennel, Sea Salt.

Collections: Cheeses

Type: Fridge

Vendor: Ian Campbell (Barambah Organics)

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