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Food Connect Wholesale

The local, seasonal, ecological produce you love, delivered in bulk.


Wholesaling for good

As the wholesale arm of Food Connect, we service a range of clients:

Our strong network of passionate growers and makers share our same dedication to outstanding quality and service. We value authentic relationships based on trust and respect and we deal directly with each supplier.


Social Procurement

As a Certified Supplier with Social Traders Australia, partnering with Food Connect offers a commercially viable solution, with a social and climate focused approach. 

The work we do is evidence that inclusive businesses can be financially successful, whilst simultaneously creating broader social and environmental outcomes for communities and the planet.

To achieve our goals, we seek to partner with:

Our partnerships provide return on investment, without compromising on social impact.

Social and environmental outcomes include:

For the past 14 years Food Connect has worked towards building a fair, sustainable and resilient food system by sourcing and delivering top-quality, fresh produce sourced within 400km from Brisbane city.

Your menu can make a real difference to local farmers, your customers and your business.

food connect wholesale

More info:

food connect wholesale

If you are interested in buying Wholesale from Food Connect please complete the attached form, call us at the office on 3216 7777 or 0410 595 097.

Already a wholesale customer or receiving our newsletter and have some more questions? Please email: wholesale@foodconnect.com.au

 Client Testimonials

"Food connect delivers:  fair trade, organic, local and high quality produce. I would recommend it to any restaurant looking to support a company who CARES. They connect us with small farmers, that don’t have the logistics to come to the city. Without Food Connect we may lose them. We support the farmers, so we support Food Connect!"  Alejandro Cancino, Executive Chef, Urbane Restaurant

"Food Connect's wholesale food is fresh, local, chemical free, fair-trade and best of all food can be traced to every farmer and farm.  The wholesale service team is fabulous, proactive, and always quick to respond to questions.  Our orders are delivered in wonderful condition, every week.  Due to the quality of the Food Connect groceries, our neighbourhood group has grown in the past two years from ordering 1 box of apples a week, to now about 40 boxes of a mix of fruit, veg, dairy, and eggs. We are so thankful to Food Connect and all the Food Connect farmers for the opportunity to receive such delicious and nutritious food." Allison Bennett, Alma Plate, Chelmer

"I came to use Food Connect Wholesale for my Co-op after I heard Robert Pekin speak at the March against Monsanto day last year.  I had been wanting to use them for quite some time and that was the crunch time for me - I love what they stand for and they are one of the best suppliers to deal with! The quality of food is great and if there are any issues you always feel heard and the team go out of their way to accommodate you - such a joy to work with them and you really do feel like part of a community as well as gaining some insight into the farmers who are producing the food.  I love Food Connect Wholesale and would and do highly recommend them to other businesses and co-ops."  Paige, Jimboomba Organics

"I am both a long-term supplier of a range of certified organic fruit and vegetables to Food Connect and a wholesale customer so I know how important it is to eat fresh, well grown fruit and vegetables and how much effort goes into producing it. 

Because I'm a grower as well as a customer, Food Connect has a knack of attracting very special people around them and these special people grow and produce great food.

I'm a long term fan of Denis Angelino's apples, plums and nectarines.  I know how Denis feels about his apples and stone fruit and he has every right to be proud.  He grows a variety of superb quality fruit that tastes the way fruit should taste but does so rarely."  Bev Buckley, Growing Healthy