What's in the Box?

Here's this week's seasonal harvest for Week 21 starting Monday 23rd May

Anything can happen from farm to Shed, which means that sometimes we need to substitute items in your box. You can let us know what you definitely don't want in your box by adding a note to your order at the check out page. If you'd like to specify what you'd like instead, please choose from this list of fruit and veg we'll have plenty of this week*:


Available Box Swaps Farmer                 
Ginger - 50g
Glenn & Therese Bunter
Potatoes, Maris Piper - 600g Ian Holmes
Bullhorn Peppers- 100g Millen Farms
Feijoa - 400g Tom & Rosemary Dunn
Lemons - 500g Neil & Tanya Richards
Apples, Granny Smith - 600g Mario Giocosa


 (exceptions can be made for allergy requirements)

*Please note: We like to keep things as simple as possible, so please try to swap like for like (veg for veg, fruit for fruit) and keep swaps to a maximum of two.


Last change: 20/05/2022 8am