Meet our farmers - Nature Cycle

Josh, Jamie & Eli - Nature Cycle

How long have you been supplying to Food Connect? Since 2016

Where are you located? Karalee (Jagera land)

What do you produce? Health mix, Edible flowers, Herbs

What methods and philosophies do you follow? We believe healthy veg comes from healthy soil. Our methods constantly improve our onsite soil health rehabilitation through large increases in organic matter, management of soil biodiversity, nutrient cycling and crop diversity.

When, why and how did you become a farmer? We started growing in 2014 in our backyard and haven't looked back since. We committed to our journey as our family unit grew and we made the decision to have a stronger connection with our land, environment and each other. I was quite aware of the diminishing farming community, all the knowledge that wasn't being passed down and the influence large scale monopolies where having on food culture. We wanted to provide for our community, environment and increase urban sustainability through local food production and maintain diversity within the agricultural platform.

What do you love about what you do? Being connected to one of the oldest traditions we have as community, the growing and sharing of healthy food with our fellow community members while taking care of the local environment. Being an integral member of the wider ecosystem and spending most of my time outside learning about the environment with my family.

Why do you choose to work with Food Connect? Food Connect's values and ethics around the accessibility and distribution of food, engagement of community and the ability to work towards a food system which maintains our cultures, values and relationships with each other over the simple sharing of a quality meal with ingredients grown within the local area.

What would you most like to see change in the way people engage with their food? To be more hands on, go and grow some vegetables, go out and be a part of your local agricultural scene, take part in understanding where it comes from, how it is grown and the processes it takes to ensure consistent production so we have the privilege of walking into a shop and grabbing a food item whenever we feel hungry.