Meet our farmers - Ian Burrow

How long have you been farming? I've been farming for 38 years (supplying to Food Connect for 13 years). I'm a 5th generation farmer, with the last 4 of those generations being here on the same property at Mount Cotton.

What do you produce? Organic avocados, mangoes, lychees, sprouts, wheatgrass, seasonal vegetables, cattle.

What methods and philosophies do you follow? I have been farming under the Nutrition Farming System for about 12 years now, and have been trying to combine the best of chemistry, physics, biology and microbiology with sound farm management practices for about 15 years. We use leaf testing and sap monitoring, and simple humate or kelp-based products. If your farmer doesn't put the right minerals in your food, how are you and your family going to stay healthy?

The farmers' pledge (a commitment Ian wrote to his customers)

I promise I shall operate and manage my farm as a holistic entity to produce quality fresh, nutritious food in accordance with the production and environmental guidelines and regulations to the best of my ability for the rest of my agricultural occupation.

In food production areas, I shall use inputs and practices consistent with the National Organic Standard and I shall work to optimise and maintain the biological health of the soil, plants and animals holistically on my farm.

I undertake to work with my peer support network and members of the local group and attend meeting to increase and share my knowledge of production and environmental practices relevant to the principles of the Nutrition Farming System.

I shall work to conserve or enhance biodiversity on my property and environs.

I accept all the principles of public disclosure of my farming records and results. All the information that I have provided to you my consumers, is correct and accurate.