Frequent Foodies

Food Connect Frequent Foodies is our rewards and referrals program - a way of saying thank you for being part of our community, and helping us create a fairer food future.

You can earn points with every order, by spreading the word through social media, visiting our farmers and more - and then use those points for vouchers and other fun stuff! You can also earn instant vouchers by referring your friends.

It’s all integrated with your account on our online store, so no need to create a separate login! If you’re already a customer, just look for the green Frequent Foodies icon on the bottom right of most pages on the website (or bring it up by clicking here), and click the smaller “sign in” link (under the 'activate' button). You don't need to be signed in specifically to Frequent Foodies to earn points on orders, but can open open your FF dashboard to check your balance and progress toward rewards, redeem points, or explore ways to earn more. 

If you’re new here (hi!), use ‘activate’ to create your Food Connect and Frequent Foodies accounts.

Read on for more info on how it all works.

Earning and using points

Earning Points

Here’s how to grow your Frequent Foodies balance! Most are managed through the Frequent Foodies dashboard (login and click on ‘ways to earn’ to be guided through each) but occasionally we’ll credit your account with extra points - for attending events, engaging with the community, and just because. 

For earning points on orders, you don’t have to sign into Frequent Foodies - it’ll automatically use your Food Connect account.



Every $1 spent


Follow us on Facebook or Instagram


Share us on Facebook


Your birthday comes around 🎉


Attend a farm tour

100 per ticket on your booking

Christmas bonus (for recent orderers)




Voucher rewards can be accessed from the ‘Ways to redeem’ section of your Frequent Foodies dashboard - when you claim them, you’ll receive a one-time discount code - add this at the payment stage when making your order.

If you’d prefer to save points and use them on a farm tour or the restaurant voucher, send us an email when you’re ready to redeem!

Action/points balance


Refer a friend

$10 voucher

1500 points

$10 voucher

3000 points


3500 points

Farm tour ticket

16000 points

Dinner voucher at a restaurant showcasing Food Connect produce



How do I refer a friend?

You can encourage a friend to try our local, regeneratively grown goodness with a special code that gives them 10% off their first order - if they use it, you get a $10 voucher!

You can give this code to as many friends as you like, and will get $10 for each who buys from Food Connect - pass it on via text if they ask “hey, what’s that Food Connect crowd all about?” or spread it far and wide on social media - it’s up to you.

You can find your special referral code in two places:

You can use the Frequent Foodies button to easily post your special referral link to social media or email it to a friend, or copy and paste the code wherever you like!


Do I have to redeem my rewards/vouchers as soon as I’ve earned them?

Nope! You can use or stash them however you like - save up points to get the restaurant vouchers, or redeem a whole chunk of credit vouchers around Christmas time. They're your points, and you’ve earned them 💚 use them how you will.


How do I use the credit vouchers I earn with points?

When you’ve earned enough points to claim a credit voucher, you’ll receive an email to let you know - you can also find it in the rewards section of your Frequent Foodies dashboard. When you claim them, you’ll receive a one-time discount code.
Copy this code, then click on ‘add a discount code or gift card’ field on the payment page when ordering (under the order summary - see below). Paste the code in, and click ‘apply’ - it will credit the amount to your order total.

Oops! I accidentally claimed a Food Connect credit when I’d been meaning to save up for the restaurant voucher, and now my points are gone. Can I get them back?

That’s OK! Just don’t use the discount code, and email us on to let us know - we’ll refund the points to your account. (But we can’t do this if you spend the credit!)


How do I get my birthday points?

Everyone loves a celebration! To make sure you get 100 bonus points on your birthday, click on the birthday icon in your Frequent Foodies dashboard and add your birthday so it’s all sorted when it rolls around. Please note that your birthday has to be in the system a month before it happens to get the points - this is a little quirk of the platform we use to run Frequent Foodies (while we’re down for any excuse for cake, it can’t reward you if you’re forever changing your birthday to celebrate your 37-and-two-weeks)


And what about the Christmas bonus?

On 1 December, we’ll automatically credit 100 points to all active customers - everyone who’s ordered at least once in the month of November. No need to do anything extra!