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As a Certified Supplier with Social Traders Australia, Food Connect is a commercially viable sourcing solution, with a social and climate focused approach.

Order from our network of independent, sustainable farmers within a 500km radius, and we’ll get their chemical-free produce to your doors in one delivery, within just days of harvest. 

Now, we know we’re not for everyone. Our commitment to sourcing only in-season produce from regenerative farmers, and efforts to keep food miles as low as possible, means we can’t stock every vegetable at every time of year. But for those who share our passion, we can offer some of the freshest, most nutrient-dense produce around and incredible two-way relationships with our farmers - from tours for your staff to working with farmers to start growing a particular herb, chilli or leafy green you might have your eye on.

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For more information or to be added to our wholesale mailing list, contact Cathy on wholesale@foodconnect.com.au or (07) 3216 7777

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