What is FoFC?

The Friends of Food Connect (FoFC) are a happy bunch of long term supporters of Food Connect who decided to do a little extra to help spread the word that a fairer food system is very much possible and achievable. 

Our passion for real food - which we see as being ecological, local, seasonal and grown with lots of love by our skilled farmers - brought us together, but there is a lot more to that: we actively advocate for values of equity, reciprocity, integrity and connection within the food system, and regularly organise events where we share ideas and learn from each other (and eat a lot).

Our get-togethers include movie nights, farm tours, working bees, cooking classes and pretty much anything fun we can think of... and If you'd like to join us, we can guarantee excellent food and excellent conversation at every meeting! 

To know more about being part of the group, suggest and idea or ask questions you can email emma-kate@foodconnectfoundation.org.au