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Frequently Asked Questions

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What’s your sourcing policy?

There are environmental, social and economic benefits to sourcing locally and ethically. That's why we became a B Corp - a rigorous certification process that closely examines the impact of your supply chain and community.

Food Connect sources all of its fresh produce from within a 400km radius around Brisbane, however, our average weekly fresh food miles is more like 140km.

We engage with small to mid-size growers who are often excluded from mainstream markets because of price pressure and other prohibitive conditions. Growers are required to submit paperwork detailing their growing practices, and we often visit the farm or host farm tours for customers to see for themselves.

Check here for our sourcing policy. We base all of this on research we conducted called the Brisbane Food Plan, where we asked "Where should our food come from?" looking through four lenses: social justice, economic, human health, and environment. So some grocery items may contain ingredients sourced further afield, like chocolate and coffee for example.

How do I activate my account?

If you're an existing customer, you'll receive an email shortly after launch date on Thursday, 14 March with instructions on how to activate your account and set a new password.

How do I create an order?

Browse through our SHOP and choose what you like. Make sure you take a good look at every section, and if you’re not sure whether something is available or not, give us a call or send an email. When placing an order you will be asked whether you want home delivery or free pick up from a City Cousin near you, before heading to the checkout. All orders have a minimum spend of $25.

Remember! Orders must be placed by midnight on Sundays for same week delivery.

    Can I set up a recurring order?

      Sort of. At this stage, once you've activated your account and processed your order, you can simply reorder each week by going to the Order History section and clicking 'reorder'. If you have store credit, you can use your gift card code at the checkout.

      We encourage you to browse the website each week as we're always adding delicious new lines of produce and exciting products.

      We are hoping to add a subscription model in the next phase of development.

      What if I have credit stored on my old account?

      No problem. If you have $40 or more in credit we'll issue a gift card to the value of your remaining balance, and you can purchase items each week until it is used up. Anything under $40, please call us for a refund. Please note, this is only for those with credit stored on our existing system.

      I don't like onions. Can I make changes to my set box?

      We can make one or two changes to the set box. You can make special requests in the notes section when placing your order. The notes section is a great place to send us little messages too, eg. "never swap my Echo Valley Eggs for another brand!", or "sending love to our hardworking farmers". ;)

      How do I find my closest City Cousin?

      Check the map to see where the pick up spot in your area is. Your order will be delivered to the City Cousin you choose and you can pick it up from there on delivery day, either Tuesday or Wednesday. 

      Remember! Each City Cousin have their own delivery days and hours, which you will receive via email once your order is confirmed. Give your City Cousin a call to arrange the pick up of your first Food Connect order.

      What if there's no City Cousin near me?

      We offer home delivery on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday to customers within eligible postcodes for a flat fee of $8.00. We're constantly adding new postcodes to our home delivery runs, so get in touch if we haven't reached you yet. We also have some co-operatives that buy bulk from us that you might like to join.

      How can I become a City Cousin?

      You're ready to take your local food love to the next level! Check here to see details about becoming a City Cousin.

      I can't find my City Cousin!

      Uh oh! Bag of Beans!
      Don't fear...jump into your emails and find your order confirmation. Your City Cousin's name, street name and phone number will be under the "Shipping Information Section". We don't give you their street number as we want you to call your City Cousin on your first pick up so that they know someone new and special is coming. Your City Cousin will give you their street number and any special pick up instructions. Presto!

      What if part of my order wasn't there?

      Occasionally our producers won't be able to meet our demand due to extreme weather conditions or extreme purchasing patterns. The N/A's will be marked on your delivery docket. We will refund this part of your purchase and email you a confirmation. If there's nothing written on your sheet about an N/A, check with your City Cousin as they might be able to help you problem solve the issue... potentially someone has taken your order by mistake? Alternatively you can give us a call in the office so we can help you be a super sleuth (or put it down to human error and give you a refund for the mis-pack!).

      Do you Home Deliver?

      We sure do! Most locations are covered across Brisbane and the Gold Coast, so just click home delivery when you process your order. The cost is an additional $8 per customer.

        Can I buy in bulk / wholesale

        You sure can! We have lots of restaurants, cafes and buyers groups who do this every week. For more info, click here.

        Can I add store credit?

        No, technically you can't. However, if you're used to budgeting this way, you can purchase gift cards, which operate in a very similar way to credit.

        Why does my order have to be at least $25?

        In order to maintain a sustainable, affordable and fair system of delivering local fruit, veggies and products to our City Cousin locations we require that you spend a minimum of $25 per order. We feel this is much fairer and more manageable for those on tighter budgets. The principles of community supported agriculture are maintained because it requires a commitment from eaters, and we feel that a minimum order of $25 per transaction is fair.

        If this is does not work for you, you may be able to join one of many buyers groups across South East Queensland who order from Food Connect in a different way. Alternatively, you could connect with your local subscribers and City Cousins to see if anyone wants to do a joint order with you!

        Why is there a Sunday midnight cut-off?

        Our farmers need to know what to harvest, of course! It reduces our wastage and means you get the freshest produce possible. So as soon as cut-off happens, we can let the farmers know what to harvest for your order. Please remember to check your order and make any changes before this cut-off time.

        Can I just place a one time order?

        You sure can!

        Can I cancel my order?

        Once an order has been processed through your shopping cart you won't be able to cancel it. Please call our office Monday - Thursday on 3216 7777 and we will be able to look into cancelling this for you.

        How do I make the most of being with Food Connect?

        Sign-up to our newsletter and check the weekly harvest to see what’s available. Whether you subscribe to a weekly box or order something different each week, the newsletter will provide all the information about what produce is available and where it comes from, exciting recipes, seasonal specials, new products in store and community events near you. Don'f forget our active community on social media! Click the links below to see the latest.

        Remember! We sell a lot more than farm fresh produce. Some of products are made daily here at the Food Connect Shed, and we have beautiful dairy products, teas and coffees, grains, juices and probiotic drinks all made with love.

        If you can’t find what you are looking for please give us a call on 3216 7777 or email info@foodconnect.com.au, and we'll be more than happy to help you.

        Is the website secure?

        The Food Connect website runs Shopify Payments SSL security which involves a rigorous process of comprehensive internal testing, quarterly penetration testing by expert consultants, and engagement with the Shopify developer community to ensure that your data remains secure. To process payments we use Shopify Payments, which is a simple, secure, internet-based solution to collect and manage customer payments.  It supports a wide range of payment channels.

        Having tech issues?  

        Clear your cache!  Often issues come up because of browsing behaviour. Here's a wikiHow to help you clear your history out. It could also be the browser you are using. Our system works best on Google Chrome or Firefox.