Happy New year fair foodies! We are back with your fresh produce and pantry staples!

FAQ's - COVID-19 & your local food system

We are in this together, and we're doing all we can to take care of as many of you as possible.

Can I still pick up from my City Cousin?

Yes you can, we request that you follow these guidelines:

Why are some of your set boxes not available?

Because of the recent surge in demand, we’ve streamlined our range to focus on the fresh food we do best, straight from our farmer's fields and long-trusted suppliers. This will allow us to keep as many people as possible stocked up with fresh essentials for the weeks and months ahead.

Orders already placed (including regular orders) are secure and will be delivered, but other items may have been removed from your order. To manage our stock levels, we are releasing more of each product as and when they sell out, and pausing all sales from time to time to check.

We are in this together, and are doing all we can to take care of as many of you as possible.

Is my order secure?

If you have set up a regular weekly order, then your order is secure and will be delivered. As always, we will let you know if there are any last-minute shortfalls and your order is missing items for any reason.

How safe is your food?

Knowing that it’s likely to be on customers’ minds, we wanted to share the extra precautions we’re taking to protect you and our teams. Coronavirus is not considered a food safety issue by the Food Standards Australia. As a home and community delivery business, our main focus is on limiting the risk of spreading the virus through human contact.

With all future deliveries, your driver will assume you are not at home, and leave your veg box in a safe place. They will only knock on the door if specified in your delivery instructions – and in this case, they will stay the recommended two metres away from you.

Please help us with this by leaving any recycling where we can pick it up without human contact. We already maintain very high standards of hygiene – but our teams is going above and beyond, as an extra precaution.

We'll continue to monitor the situation, and will react quickly to protect our customers and our teams. In the meanwhile, we hope getting your Food Connect orders delivered is especially helpful in these circumstances.

Why has my delivery day changed?

The huge increase in demand has put our delivery drivers under a lot of pressure. To spread the load and allow us to take care of as many people as possible, we’ve had to change some of our delivery routes. We’re very sorry if the new delivery day disrupts your weekly routine. We didn’t want to make changes, but decided that the most important thing had to be getting fresh food to as many customers as we can.

We hope you understand.

How will I know if my delivery day has changed?

If your delivery day is going to change, we will let you know as soon as things change by email. If you haven’t heard from us, your delivery day is staying the same.