For co-ops and buyers groups

Making fresh food fairer for all

You don’t have to be a business to take advantage of our wholesale prices, lowering the cost barrier to healthy, ethical produce while supporting our farmers, cutting your food footprint and creating a more resilient food system. We supply a number of collaborative foodie communities, from co-ops with 100s of members to buyers groups made up of a few friends.

Bulk Buyers Groups

Bulk Buyers Groups are simply a group of friends, family or neighbours who want to enjoy affordable, earth-friendly, nutrient-dense food, so they combine buying power to access wholesale prices and bulk quantities. 

It’s a great way to get your hands on fruit and veg for less (especially organic produce) and an excuse to regularly catch up to order, split boxes or grab a coffee/wine. It doesn’t have to be big or complicated, and there are a number of ways to make it work. Email Erin on to request a copy of our Bulk Buying Handbook, which steps you through how to set one up, how to register for wholesale service, things to consider, and honest ideas and examples from successful groups.


Is your co-operative on the hunt for new products that align with your values? Or somewhere you can order from a wide range of farmers and suppliers in one place? We’ve got you covered with a wide range of seasonal, organic and regenerative produce, dry goods, eggs, dairy, cleaning products and more. Enquire today ( to see our availability list or make a smaller trial order.

Other benefits

When your co-op or buyers group buys from Food Connect, you are:

The logistics:

More information

For more information on how it all works or to be added to our wholesale mailing list, contact Erin on or (07) 3216 7777


"Food Connect's wholesale food is fresh, local, chemical free, fair-trade and best of all food can be traced to every farmer and farm.  The wholesale service team is fabulous, proactive, and always quick to respond to questions.  Our orders are delivered in wonderful condition, every week.  Due to the quality of the Food Connect groceries, our neighbourhood group has grown in the past two years from ordering 1 box of apples a week, to now about 40 boxes of a mix of fruit, veg, dairy, and eggs. We are so thankful to Food Connect and all the Food Connect farmers for the opportunity to receive such delicious and nutritious food." Allison Bennett, Alma Plate, Chelmer