We take all forms of sustainability seriously

Know your farmers

We Pay our Farmers a Fair Price & Value Relationships - Some farmers have been growing for us for over 14 years! By maintaining close relationships, we can plan around growing conditions and upcoming harvests, and with our seasonal farm tours we strengthen the relationship between growers and eaters. You can come along and meet them, too! See what an amazing job they do and understand why they’re so important to all of us. By sourcing directly from local farmers we cut out all the 'middle men' and pay 50 cents of every retail dollar spent with Food Connect to the growers. This compares to an global industry average of just 14 cents.*

 *Canning, P 2011. "A Revised and Expanded Food Dollar Series. A Better Understanding of Our Food Costs". 

beyond organic We think "beyond organic" - All Food Connect produce is grown in harmony with local ecosystems using methods such as chemical-free, biodynamic, permaculture, as well as certified organic. We call it "ecological" or "regenerative" farming. Our suppliers must exhibit a holistic view of farming: care for the land, care for your community, and care for your food. Fruit and veg in your Food Connect box isn’t picture perfect (although who's judging here?), it’s as mother nature intended. Our beetroots often have beards and our bananas are all sorts of shapes and lengths. What we guarantee is that your seasonal food products are delivered fresher, tastier and healthier.  

extreme sustainabilityYou eat by the season. We reduce, reuse and recycle - At Food Connect you will never find citrus in summer or peaches in winter.  Eating locally goes hand in hand with eating seasonally. Our farmers grow to suit local climatic conditions in order to minimise the energy and chemical inputs required to grow produce. They grow within the rhythms of nature and not against them. At our Shed in Brisbane we have an 11kW solar system on our roof, powering our cold rooms and lighting. We deliver your food in boxes that you will return for us to reuse (up to five times!), we send our food scraps back to our farmers for their pigs to eat, or it gets composted. We employ as locally as possible and encourage our staff to cycle to work by offering bike racks and showers.

Optimal HealthPay a farmer rather than a doctor - Eating local, ecological and sustainable food is good for you. Produce grown seasonally has a higher density of nutrients - because it is picked at the right time - and tastes much, much better, because it doesn't come from a hothouse or from far away countries. A shorter journey from farm to table means less C02 emissions, less packaging and refrigerating, preserving the quality of our waters and air and putting fresher food on your table.