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Barhee (or Barhi) Dates are an Iraqi variety that are not as well known as Medjools, but are gaining in popularity as people discover their honey-caramel tasting sweet flesh. These Barhees are at the "Tamar" ripeness phase ie fully ripe. After starting as a yellow fruit that can be eaten fresh then allowed to mature and dry out to give a light brown date that is round rather than elongated like a Medjool. The are also softer, and the favourite variety of the crew at Desert Fruit Company.

The DFC is owned by a co-op of seven souls who are committed to growing dates and other suitable dryland fruits using organic methods.  They hope to go Certified Organic in the near future.  More information about their growing methods can be found here.  They grow 15 varieties of Dates including the Medjools and Barhee that we are stocking. Each variety is lovingly tended by hand to produce high quality fruit that is even exported to the Middle East.  

Collections: Dried Fruit, Pantry

Type: Pantry

Vendor: Desert Fruit Company

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