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Tamari Sauce - 250mL

Alice Lau

Sunshine Organic Tamari is made in the Food Connect Kitchen by Alice and her crew, during the production of their superb Miso. 

Depending on what Alice has available, we may supply Tamari from different Misos, from Sweet to Genmai.

General info: As Miso ages, small amounts of liquid rise to the top of the barrels. This liquid is skimmed prior to Miso being removed from its barrels. The liquid is then strained through fabric and left in unsealed containers for a few days so that air bubbles can escape. The final product, called Tamari, is then poured into bottles for you to enjoy.

How to use: Some people think that Tamari tastes similar to soy sauce and the two ingredients are often used interchangeably. Refined palates, however, can tell that Tamari has a more complex flavour and is less salty than soy sauce.  Tamari can be used alone or with other seasoning.  Some ways that you can use Tamari include in marinades, gravy, sauces (particularly in teriyaki sauce), and stir fried noodles. It is also excellent on sashimi and sushi.  There are tonnes of recipes on the internet to get you started. Just like the miso that it rises from, tamari is vegan and gluten free. 

Storage: The Tamari is presented in a glass bottle, once opened it can either be kept in the fridge or a cool, dry pantry.

Ingredients: Sunshine Organic Miso’s tamari is made from organic and biodynamic rice and soy beans as well as sea salt, artesian water and koji (a fungus used to ferment rice).

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Vendor: Alice Lau

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