Raw Honey

Honey Raw, The Urban Bee Co - 500g

The Urban Bee

At The Urban Bee Co, we are developing our own method of regenerative beekeeping, whereby, the health of the bee is prioritised over honey production. We never heat or spin our honey, we only ever Cold Press the honey which gives our honey its beautiful flavour. 

We never reuse old honey frames, a clean new frame is placed into the hive after harvest for the bees to draw out. This reduces any residual chemicals that might be found in the hive, reduces the risk of bee diseases and pests and makes for a superior tasting honey.

As part of our method of regenerative beekeeping, we always leave the bees with plenty of honey, especially over winter, this means that we do not need to feed the bees sugar water in the winter as many other commercial operators do.

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Type: Pantry

Vendor: The Urban Bee

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