Venison Wild Harvested Sausages - approx 300g

Sovereign Foods

From the farm that bought you Wild Venison Salami, we have brought for you Wild Venison Sausages. 

Ingredients: Wild Australian Venison, Organic Pork, Shallots, Sea Salt, Parsley, Garlic, Lemon Myrtle, Black Pepper, Wattle Seed, Paprika

Sourced from Fair Game in collaboration with Sovereign Foods.

Please note the date on the pack is the when the sausages were initially frozen, as long as you store them frozen they will keep for few months.

Fair Game Wild Venison is a business built on three key goals – reduce the waste associated with other types of deer population control, by harvesting the animals with human consumption certification; reduce the environmental impact that deer have on native habitats, as deer are introduced ungulates; and support struggling farmers who are faced with added financial pressures caused by deer that feed on their pastures. 

It’s no surprise that Fair Game has endeavoured to source pork from an organic farm with shared values to collaborate on a premium quality and ethical sausage. If Pigs Could is a small organic pig farm in the Northern Rivers, very close to where Jonas from Fair Game processes the deer. Susie’s farm is wildly diverse, and the pigs enjoy being rotated through the varied landscape. They are a small farm and still learning and experimenting, but all decisions are based solely on their die-hard values towards soil improvements and the highest standards in animal welfare.

Collections: Fridge, Frozen Fruit, Meat

Type: Frozen

Vendor: Sovereign Foods

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