Chicken, Wings - 1kg

Piggy in the Middle - Mayne Family

Piggy in the Middle is a partnership between cousins and sixth generation farmers Dean and Mason Mayne, our wives Kate and Krystal, and our young families.

They are passionate about their land and their livestock. Therefore, they utilise regenerative farming practices to produce great tasting, chemical free, pork, lamb, chicken and eggs.

These pasture raised chickens are Cornish Cross breed, renowned for their quick growth and eating quality.

Day-old chicks are raised in brooder boxes, under lights, until around 3 weeks of age. They are then transferred to our purpose-built chicken tractors out on the farm, where they have access to spacious grassy areas. The tractors are moved daily away from their droppings, to provide fresh grass and new ground for the chickens to scratch, forage and bathe in.

Of course, they are constantly fertilising and aerating our topsoil every day.  The chooks are allowed to move freely, flap and scratch in fresh air and sunlight producing a happier bird and a superior quality meat.

*all meat products come frozen from the farm


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