Macadamia Halves, Processing - 500g

Sovereign Foods

Everyone's favourite bush food snack, grown organically by Wodonga Park at their Blackbutt plantation.  Of the many benefits surrounding the Australian Macadamia nut, the greatest must be that something that tastes so good is actually very good for you. Eaten regularly and in moderation (6 - 20 nuts daily), macadamias can actively reduce the risk of heart disease. In clinical testing they have been shown to lower blood cholesterol levels by 7% in four weeks. The incidence of heart disease is significantly lower in people who eat nuts regularly.  Roasted and Lightly Salted Macas are one of those impossible to stop eating snacks, perfectly roasted with just the right amount of salt.

Ingredients: 100% Organic (BD) certified raw macadamia nuts; Salt.

Collections: Nuts, Pantry

Type: Pantry

Vendor: Sovereign Foods

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