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Spray-free Strawberries

Mandy and Adrian - Luvaberry

Red ripe strawberries are the queen of fruits.   

High in dietary fibre, vitamin C, manganese, folate and potassium they are great for you but a true delight of the season.

These little berries are very susceptible to weather changes and predators so make the most of them while they are around.     

LuvaBerry integrates organic farming methods to reduce the chemicals used on our plants. This is called Fusion Farming: they look after the farm as a whole, keeping the soil healthy and using less chemicals, which results in them growing healthy juicy red Queensland strawberries.  They avoid use of conventional pest control in favour  of IPM wherever possible but will let us know if they do so we can source berries elsewhere.

On the menu in 2021 is either Scarlet Rose or Red Rhapsody.

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