Myk's Kefir

Kefir, MYMY - 800mL


Myk's finely fermented fruit Kefir is a plant-based LIVE probiotic drink that is fermented with whole cut fruit. 

Myk’s kefir probiotic drinks have been specially created to satisfy the fussiest of little palates as well as having a fraction of the sugar of soft drinks, fruit juices (cold pressed or otherwise) and iced tea drinks.  It will help you love your guts!

We also bottle in glass as we produce a premium product, and are against the excessive single use disposable plastic scourge that so many beverage companies create – only to end up in landfill or worse, the ocean.  

This season's flavours (limited availability):

Ginger Turmeric (Myks RAW kefir, ginger, turmeric)

Rhubarb & Geranium (Myk’s RAW kefir, organic rhubarb, rose scented geranium)

Lemon lime & bitters (Myk’s RAW kefir, lemons, kaffir lime leaves & angostura bitters)

Wamuran Strawberries (Myk's RAW Kefir, spray-free strawberries)

Rosella (Myk's RAW Kefir, rosella)

Raspberry (Myk's RAW Kefir, raspberries)

(Myk's RAW Kefir, passionfruit)

Please help us to make a real impact in the world - return your bottle and the metal lid clean so we can reuse them again and again and reduce landfill. 

As this range uses a significant amount of fruit in the brewing process, it is MUCH MORE CONCENTRATED than other fermented drinks and a 200ml bottle is a double dose of probiotic bacteria for the average person, containing billions of bacteria.

The Kefir is sweetest when it is first bottled, and will continue to ferment in the bottle even whilst refrigerated. The longer time it has spends the bottle, the more probiotic (and less sweet) it will become.

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