Yacon - 500g

Graeme Sait

Don't let its appearance fool you - this is no potato! Also known as the 'Peruvian Ground Apple,' yacon are the roots of a type of daisy, but are crisp and sweet to eat.

Their texture is a little like water chestnuts, the flavour is similar to a pear, and they're surprisingly juicy - in years gone by they were valued by travellers as a source of refreshment and hydration. The root gets its sweetness from a form of sugar undigestible to humans (inulin) so it's also lower in calories.

Yacon are great eaten raw - simply peel and either cut into chunks for salads, or into sticks to eat alongside carrot sticks and your favourite dips (though it does brown like an apple, so add at the last minute if entertaining).  They can also be cooked - try putting cubes of the flesh in a stew or curry, or boiling in the skin, then peeling (it should slip off easily) before chopping up for salads or a side. Check out four starter recipes here!

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