Mushrooms, Portobello

Sheldon Mushrooms

Growing up to 13cm in diameter and with a distinctive appearance, portobellos sure know how to be a statement on a plate. Adding ample amounts of umami to any dish, they offer a rich, earthy, and meaty flavour that’s unique and wholesome.

IMPORTANT NOTE - this type of mushroom is very hard to grow organically due to being extremely vulnerable to environmental contaminants. So in this case Edwin uses a small amount of conventional fungicide in the substrate (the material the mushrooms grow from) diluted to just 1%. We are trialing them for a bit to see if you're happy with the quality and method - so we'd love your feedback :)

Low in salts, fats and cholesterol and a great source of protein, folate, magnesium, and dietary fibre, portobellos are great for stuffing, grilling, roasting, or even sliced for that perfectly shaped lunch burger.

Collections: Mushrooms, Vegetables

Type: Vegetables

Vendor: Sheldon Mushrooms

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