Microgreens, Spicy Mix 100g

Thrive Microgreens

Amy and the crew at THRIVE Microgreens are determined to produce the freshest
tastiest microgreen ever using organic soil and a good deal of love.  Their micros travel
very few kilometres from harvest to plate. The THRIVE crew harvest one day and deliver
same day or the next. Their produce is super fresh. They grow indoors, using quality
seed (non-GMO, organic when we can), soil and water out of the tap. They don't use sprays, or fertilisers.

The Spicy Mix of microgreens contain a mix of greens - micro sunflower, rocket,
mustard, radish mix. 

This is a great addition to salads to add that zing. Great accompaniment to fish, curry or
vegetable dishes.

Contents 100g of Microgreens.

*THRIVE Microgreens now come packaged in brown paper bags with clear, biodegradable windows*

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