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Ethical Christmas

Free Range Ham Leg Half - approx 4-5kg

Randal and Juanita Breen - Echo Valley Farms

Free range ham raised by Randall and Juanita at Echo Valley farm. The hams were processed and prepared by Elite Meats in Boonah.

The price is based on a 4.5kg ham.  Once your ham is received we will bill you for the exact price according to the weight of your ham.

Our Pigs

All our piggies are run under an organic pastured system, allowing them to display their natural piggy behaviours - making wallows, grazing pasture, rooting and foraging in the dirt. Each day they get a porridge mix of our pastured eggs, organic grain, Gutsy sauerkraut and vegetables! They are slow growing and so get to enjoy a natural, healthy and happy life on our farm. 

Our hams

Smoked and cured in the traditional way by our local butcher, each ham is hand and barrel brined in the old traditional way, for a week. Afterwards, they are naturally hot smoked for approx 12-24 hours. Our local talented butcher, uses a combination of natural, local wood chips, for the smoking which he harvests and sources himself! After the smoking, the hams are hung for another week to further absorb the smoke, cure and firm up. In all the process takes approximately 3 weeks, and the beautiful smokey and delicious flavour is worth the wait!

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